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Tappan Water District #4 2-15-2023

To all residents of Tappan Homes Water District
The Town Water Operator, H2O LLC, have determined that due to a mechanical malfunction in our chlorine feed system at our water pump house, the Chlorine, which is used for disinfection of your drinking water, has accidentally reached higher than normal levels in our drinking water. The level of chlorine in our drinking water has reached 8 parts per million where normally it is 2 parts per million. 
Based on this information, the Orange County Department of Health, in consultation with the NYSDOH, strongly recommends the following public health precautions: 
DO NOT drink the water
DO NOT use the water to prepare infant formula
DO NOT use the water to prepare food for consumption
DO NOT provide to pets for consumption
Please use bottled water for consumption until you have received notice that chlorine levels have returned to normal.
Our water operator will send out a notice when chlorine has returned to normal levels.
The chemical feed system has been repaired and is again dosing chlorine at the correct rates.  
For more information, please contact:
Town of Blooming Grove Water Department at 845-888-5755 or the Orange County Department of Health at (845) 291-2331. 
Rob Jeroloman
Town Supervisor